Rojak Petis - Fruits and Vege Salad

I still remember this small stall when I  was in secondary school,  it sold Prawn cake, Rojak Petis, ABC (Air Batu Campur).  After 20 years, although the business place had been moved but I still can eat the foods and drinks.  One of its famous foods is Rojak Petis, is a type of Salad that made by green mango, water spinach, cucumber, bean sprout, peanuts, 'Yau Cha Guai' and Prawn sauce.

Is a very easy made dishes, just add in the prawn sauce together with others ingredients into a big bowl and stir it evenly, then is ready to serve.
Is good to have this foods during this hot season together with green coconut (yellow coconut), is kind a of refreshing after eating 'Malaysian' Salad :) .